Provides an Exoscale Security Group resource. This can be used to create and delete Security Groups.

Example usage

resource "exoscale_security_group" "web" {
  name        = "web"
  description = "Webservers"

  tags = {
    kind = "web"

Argument Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the Security Group.
  • description - A free-form text describing the Anti-Affinity Group purpose.
  • tags - A dictionary of tags (key/value).


An existing Security Group can be imported as a resource by name or ID:

# By name
$ terraform import exoscale_security_group.http http

# By ID
$ terraform import exoscale_security_group.http eb556678-ec59-4be6-8c54-0406ae0f6da6

~> NOTE: Importing a exoscale_security_group resource also imports related exoscale_security_group_rule resources.