Provides a resource for assigning an existing Exoscale Elastic IP to a Compute instance.

~> NOTE: The network interfaces of the Compute instance itself still have to be configured accordingly (unless using a managed Elastic IP).

Secondary IP Address

resource "exoscale_compute" "vm1" {

resource "exoscale_ipaddress" "vip" {

resource "exoscale_secondary_ipaddress" "vip" {
  compute_id = "${exoscale_compute.vm1.id}"
  ip_address = "${exoscale_ipaddress.vip.ip_address}"

Argument Reference

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • nic_id - The ID of the NIC.
  • network_id - The ID of the Network the Compute instance NIC is attached to.


This resource is automatically imported when importing an exoscale_compute resource.