Provides an Exoscale Compute instance Private Network Interface (NIC) resource. This can be used to create, update and delete Compute instance NICs.


resource "exoscale_compute" "vm1" {

resource "exoscale_network" "oob" {

resource "exoscale_nic" "oob" {
  compute_id = "${exoscale_compute.vm1.id}"
  network_id = "${exoscale_network.oob.id}"

Argument Reference

  • compute_id - (Required) The Compute instance ID.
  • network_id - (Required) The Private Network ID.
  • ip_address - The IP address to request as static DHCP lease if the NIC is attached to a managed Private Network (see the exoscale_network resource).

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • mac_address - The physical address (MAC) of the Compute instance NIC.


This resource is automatically imported when importing an exoscale_compute resource.