Defines a DNS entry linked with a domain.

Usage example

resource "exoscale_domain_record" "glop" {
  domain = "${exoscale_domain.exo.id}"
  name = "glap"
  record_type = "CNAME"
  content = "${exoscale_domain.exo.name}"

Argument Reference

  • domain - (Required) domain it’s linked to

  • name - (Required) name of the DNS record

  • record_type - (Required) type of the DNS record. E.g. A, CNAME, MX, etc.

  • content - (Required) value of the DNS record

  • ttl - time to live

  • prio - priority

Attributes Reference

  • hostname - full name, useful for linking A records into CNAME.


A record is imported with its domain resource. Importing an Domain Record resource is also possible by id.

# by id
$ terraform import exoscale_domain_record.www 12480484