Exoscale CLI

Manage easily your Exoscale infrastructure from the command-line with exo.

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The easiest way is to follow the tutorial on the Exoscale command-line interface.

Manual compilation

This project is open source and may be modified, studied, and built at will. We use and recommend Go 1.11+

# clone it
$ git clone https://github.com/exoscale/cli
$ cd cli

# run it
$ go run main.go

# build it
$ go build -mod vendor -o exo


The CLI will guide you in the initial configuration.

You can find your credentials in our Exoscale Console (having or creating an account is required).

$ exo config

The configuration file and all assets created by any exo command will be saved in the .exoscale folder inside your home directory.


$ exo --help

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